25 January, 2010

Where the $%&C(NG HELL IS MY MUTHER $%&C(NG BOOKS!!!

So, haven’t posted any book related posts lately huh? There is a reason for this. I keep losing the FRELLING books I am reading. I am not the type of person who reads more than one book at a time. It just doesn’t work for me. I like starting a book, reading it all the way through, and then starting another one.

Since before Christmas (CHRISTmas folks!) I have misplaced the book “Lost” (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA kill me). I finally broke down and read another book, finished it, started another book…and lost that FRELLING piece of shit too! A diskworld novel…So now I have 2 books MIA! I keep trying to pick up another book, but I have a deep fear that I will now lose EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!

I did just cash in a gift certificate to Amazon, so hopefully the lure of the new book will call me back…