05 January, 2010

Thematic Photographic 82 - 2009, The Year That Was

Its been a while, but I am jumping into Carmi's theme of the week.
This week its time to reflect on 2009, I think I can do that...

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rock throwing




cooling off

being silly

miles of milestones

baby bro, his best man and his former housemate

growing up

dressing up

saying goodbye

finding the perfect tree
x-mas eve brunch
cookies for Santa
more presents
what? more presents????
Finally - I give you my favorite photo of the year


sealaura said...

OMG what delightful pictures of spotty chop. I LOVED the one of him cooling off and then there were some other gems that caught my eye like the snowy ones. Spotty chop has a great life full of adventure. Happy New year to you and your Spotty Chop.

me said...

Sea - you are too kind!

dennisthemennis.co.uk said...

How lovely, theres nothing like a bit of rock throwing! I had two cars that both ht 100,000 at exactly the same spot in the road which as you can imagine was WAY to spooky for me!!