20 November, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you were 90 months old a few weeks ago

Good God where does the time go? I haven't blogged in forever. 

Lets see, you starting private swimming lessons. You are really enjoying them. You have been doing something really weird with your body when you swim. We tried to help you correct it during the summer but it didn't work, so we figured we would let the people that know what they are doing try. It seems to be working, but apparently it is common in kids your age. 

Halloween big success, there is a post in there somewhere. I am sure it will be done eventually. You slept over Nannie and Papa's so your dad and I could go to a Halloween party. We had a great time, you had a great time. They let you stay up WAAAY tooo LATE and watch movies together. Papa chases you through the house with a broom still. You think that its the most fun ever!

I got to be the mystery reader in your class. YOU were so excited. Your class sang me a welcome song and you sat next to me while I read. I brought 2 books, because I am a rebel that way. While I was reading you linked your arm with mine. You would lean against me and you would give me a content little sigh. I learned some of the "signs" you use when someone is reading to show that you agree with what I read or could make a connection to something you had read. After I read your friends got to ask me questions. I had such a blast! When school was over you ran off to go to the after school program. Apparently you had no interest in coming home with me, you wanted to go hang out with your friends. 

We went to your cousins birthday party. You had a good time. When we left we hit Walmart (it was right before hurricane Sandy) then went out for Chinese food. You decided to try won-ton soup, vegetables tempura and sushi. You like the soup and the veggies, you weren't crazy about the sushi, but YOU asked to try these things. SO frelling proud of you I can't stand it. 

You also went to a classmates birthday party. It was a sports party and you were so upset that during baseball you got out a few times. I tried explaining that you don't play baseball and this was only the second time you have ever held a bat, and when you got out it wasn't because you struck out, you hit the friggen thing EVERY TIME, but then you hit the ball that allowed the birthday boy to run home and win the game...you were happy after that. 

Finally to wrap things up...this is how you have been coming home from school... Apparently you are the talk of the school. 

What I will tell you? If you drive past me and let go of your dad again? YOU ARE DEAD MEAT BABY!