18 October, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you were 89 months old...2 weeks ago?

I know I said I wasn't going to obsess over these letters any more. In my defense I was hit with the barf bug, and then....we were doing stuff, and I was writing about it...

Let's see, we visited Grammie and Grumpa. Something we had not done in...months. I have told Boy Toy that he needs to initiate contact with his folks, I can't do everything. Anyhoo, Grammie wanted a photo of you so she could bring it to work and show all your old preschool teachers. Then she wanted a picture of you and Grumpa. You have only known Grumpa as being in a wheel chair and not speaking which is too bad. He has a hard time communicating (and even back in the day, he would communicate by telling you to get the hell out of the way of the TV ...whatever sport of the day he was watching.) You were standing next to his wheelchair when you suddenly got a glimmer in your eyes. You casually put your arm behind Grumpa to give him "bunny ears", and he caught you. You laughed so frelling hard, the two of you went back and forth for 15-20 mins, you laughing like a loon and Grumpa with one of the biggest grins I have seen. It was probably the best interaction you two have ever had. 

Soccer has started up again. You would rather be playing video games which i totally get. And I explained to you that you would be playing a team sport so deal. You have so much fun when you are there and after the game or practice you say how much you love it. But the next week it is the same argument. I wish you knew why you act like you do before we go. I've asked, and you don't know. All I can tell you is I love you.

We had a fun week where Jman's mom dropped him off at our house every morning so i could drive the two of you to school and she could get to her meetings on time. The two of you had so much fun together.

You loved the wedding up in New Hampshire and you were such a gentleman leaving the cabins with wood stoves for my cousins who just had babies or had no idea how do deal with the woods. But the best part of the weekend? Being able to show Nannie and Papa FransTed!

When I sent this photo to Moo (insisting that I needed her on the phone and sitting down) her reaction was everything I could ever hope for. I love that you only know Nannie as the wonderful loving Nannie that you know and not the MOTHER that Moo and I dealt with.  Nannie thought that when we camped it was like an African refuge camp. She is crazy...CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU..as am I 

love ya kiddo