11 April, 2010

I'M ALIVEeeeeeeeeeeee

sprained my wrist, work project due, the house was struck with the plague multiple times and...perhaps the most daming....Farmville...and cafe world, and happy island, and petville and...and...and

Hi I'm Me and I'm a Facebookaholic

I actually rarely talk to people on facebook, i find it annoying, but Spotty Chop LOVES to buy stuff in the games. I swear to god, its not me. I am doing this for my son!

I have stuff to say, I actually read a book! on alien abduction!!!

but facebook is sooooo shiny....


achie said...


Its me. I have sent an email to your email. Please send the whale template to my email.

Thanks a lot :)

hope you're having a great day too :)

Meredith said...

Welcome back! I hear you about facebook... I completely quit all the fb games in feb. i miss it from time to time but i spent too much time on it...