02 June, 2009

Violence UnSilenced Needs your help

The website: Violence UnSilenced has been nominated for the BlogLuxe 2009 Most Inspiring Blog Award, to be presented at BlogHer 2009.

It is a place for victims of domestic abuse to share their stories. It is a place for those of us that read these stories to congratulate them for surviving, living, coping with what has happened. It is a place for folks that are being abused to see that they are not alone.

- Any of you blog? Read blogs? Know what a blog is? Vote

- Any of you on facebook? This is more important than knowing what kind of underwear you are. Vote

- Any of you know what a computer is? – stop surfing the net for….articles. Vote

It’s simple – click on the link below and then choose “Most inspiring blog”. You can then press the VOTE! Button under Violence UnSilenced. See how easy that was? You can vote once a day. I am not expecting all of you slackers to do this, but for but for those of you that said yes to any of the bullet points up top; I know where you live.


Here is the post I wrote awhile ago.

I apologize in advance if this type of crap annoys you, but feel free to read this and ignore it...and burn in hell for eternity.